Dragoshinov Winery – A Day off The Beaten Track

Винарска изба Драгошинов

We invite you to spend several hours with us in Dragoshinov Winery and its surroundings, where wine is only part of a memorable experience. Let’s share together your stories that we can’t wait to hear and ours that we love to tell.


The Winery

Our winery Dragoshinov will be at the center of your adventure. This is a very small project created by Daniel Dragoshinov, an oenologist with many years of experience, rich professional knowledge and exceptional talent in winemaking. We will invite you to the winery to see where and how we make our wines.

Wine Tasting

Together with local and home-made appetizers, you will taste our wines in the comfort of the tasting room or in the greenery of the garden, where we will tell you about each of wine. We can also offer a special tasting or meal. If you would like one, please let us know in advance by phone or e-mail.

Tasting price including a treat:

3 wines – BGN 15
5 wines – BGN 30
7 wines – BGN 40

Дегустация в изба Драгошинов

The Monastery

A walk to the Nativity of the Virgin Monastery, better known as the Kilifarevo Monastery, is almost a must. It can be reached by car or on foot in about 20 minutes. The church, built by the most famous Bulgarian master Kolyu Ficheto, and the tidy courtyard are full of beauty and history. The Belitsa River flows by the monastery and is a pleasant detour on the way to it.

Walking Routes

There are several walking routes around Natsovtsi, which are especially suitable for spring and autumn. In summer it is good to start early to avoid the midday heat. In wet weather, the paths may be muddy and slippery. Two of the routes pass by the remains of the old monastery on the hill above the present one. The paths are marked. If you wish, we can point you towards the starting points or walk together. You will need about an hour and a half to two, a little enthusiasm and comfortable walking shoes.

Natsovtsi Village

Natsovtsi is a small village in the foothills of the Central Stara Planina mountains. There are more or less two streets. At first glance, it’s nothing special. Lately, however, it has been bubbling with life. Its residents – old and new – are joining to make it a more attractive place. The village festival is on the Saturday closest to September 8. On this day, the villagers organize a festival called “Tastes of Autumn”. And September 8th is the holiday of the Nativity of the Virgin Monastery, around which the village of Natsovtsi was built.

Dots And Stripes

Dots and stripes give a feeling of coziness to an interior. Much more than that, however, is Dilyana’s cute little shop on the main street only 50 meters from our Winery. Everything here is handmade, colorful and beautiful. If you want to leave Natsovtsi with a gift, you should stop by “Dots and Stripes”.

Locally produced honey and hazelnuts

Honey, bee pollen, glue tincture and hazelnuts – all these goods are produced by the Metodievi family. If you wish, we will take you to them to buy from their home-grown products, which are of excellent quality.

How to find us

Dragoshinov Winery is located in the village of Natsovtsi, 15 km south of Veliko Tarnovo. The village can be reached in a minute from the main road through the mountains connecting Nortern and Southern Bulgaria. If you are in Veliko Tarnovo, you should take the road to Gurkovo. It will take 20 minutes by car for you to reach us.

Please call in advance!

Maya Dragoshinova + 359 886 16 11 49


America for Bulgaria Foundation funds a project of Dragoshinov Ltd for rural tourism development within the Agritourism Development in Norhtern Bulgaria Programme.