When philosophy turns from contemplation to application and its principles are applied to life, it becomes a lifestyle. Taking it further it makes our objective philosophical.

I can say that my whole working life has been associated with wine. In its every little drop I see the four classical elements of the Universe: earth, air, water, and fire. It is the essence and power of wine that turns it into philosophy, into culture and art. Wine has been part of human life for millennia, a real presence expressed in a universal language full of inspiration and imagination. Wine is a world where the spiritual predominates the material. The essence of wine is measured with the eternal features of good and bad, day and night, beginning and end, mingling in its aroma, flavor, and body. Wine for sophisticated palates is the voice and traditions of Mother Earth. Thousands of years of heritage are contained in a glass of wine. The romantic origin of the word “vino” comes from Sanskrit for “love” ”vana” making it a treat of hedonism and sensual gratification.

One’s life is a string of significant events that are meant to happen for a reason. The decision to start my project was made during a trip to Sakar Mountain. It was there that I realized winemaking has become my passion. After all these years of studies, practice and professional experience winemaking has become a vital part of my life. Looking at the breathtaking view of the red-brown soil, the steep terrain of good drainage with excellent exposure to sunlight, I could see in my imagination the beautiful sloping vineyards heavy with their grape-bearing vines. It is the land of the Thracians inherited by Bulgarians, Greeks, Turks, and Albanians, toiling the land in a way I have never seen before. For the first time I felt that the people there sense the soil and it was there I had my vision of a long road for me to follow in the attempt to make wine with character that offers a real difference.

My goal is following the ancient tradition of winemaking craft to present to our customers only the very best and great-value wine with its own place in the community of author wines. I do not know what style of wine I shall make henceforth. But I have an idea of how – by following my instincts, trusting my senses and expertise.

Daniel Dragoshinov